MSLOL Radio’s show 10: Guiding Paws

Join us on Wednesday July 13th for MSLOL Radio’s next show when we will meet some peeps who are living & loving & thriving with their guide dogs as well as the peeps whose life mission is to make the smart canines available to the many who can benefit from the. You’ll hear how lives improve starting with that first scratch behind the ears.
Learn what these pups can do to help with the many challenges PWMS deal with every day and prepare to have those heart-strings pulled, when they tell us about the unconditional love they share with them. How cool is that? A pupper that can help you with your daily tasks and soothe your emotional needs… And they don’t even hog the remote!
Tune in on Wednesday the 13th at 8pm EST
If you have a “tail” to share, we’d love to hear from you.

Getting help getting goods

Call toll free to listen (877) 552-4068- press 1 if you have something to say or listen on line at

Brenda and Liberty Celebrate

Taking a break after a long stroll

Liberty's got lunch!

Dean Kramer and Trisket

3 thoughts on “MSLOL Radio’s show 10: Guiding Paws

  1. Sue says:

    Will be tuning in! (BTW Guide dogs help people who are visually impaired. Service dog is the correct term for those who help people with physical or other disabilities.)

    • aglol says:

      Thanks for “schooling” me Sue. No one has corrected me on that! I will be sure to mention it on the show~ Thanks for your interest!

  2. I adopted a deaf dalmatian Polly who is my Service Dog she help me navigate with my MS sight and balance problems

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