About Amy

Amy Gurowitz is dedicated to helping people with Multiple Sclerosis live their lives to the fullest while dealing with a disease that is difficult to understand and impossible to predict. She achieves this by drawing upon her own experiences as patient, having lived with MS for more than twenty years, and bringing to it a critical perspective through her education and professional efforts.

Amy received a Bachelor’s Degree in Film from University of Maryland and a Masters in Instructional Design from New York University. While her diagnosis and education/career track seemed separate realms of her life, in the past decade they have aligned in the primary focus of her non-profit organization: MS Softserve.

MS Softserve is an interactive learning environment on the web that provides customizable learning for individuals who need to understand their lifelong illness as it grows and changes. This unique approach is designed to give the users control over the process, and thus empower them for a life of learning. Receiving the first grant ever awarded by the National MS Society, the development of MSSoftServe.com is underway. She has founded the non-profit SoftServe Matters to make this and other sites like it, a reality for the people who need it most.

Amy works as a consultant and guest speaker, helping healthcare professionals better understand the patient experience, learn simple ways they can make their communications and education efforts more effective with patients, and gain insights into the experience of a participant in clinical trials who then personally benefited from a drug through its lifecycle developments and improvements.

Amy has consulted for pharmaceutical companies, physician organizations, and nurse educators and others dedicated to helping improve the lives of patients with chronic disease.

For more information on Amy, check out her linkedin profile.

2 thoughts on “About Amy

  1. Roy says:

    I read your ‘Happy Birthday (Anniversary) To Me!
    Perfect Amy!! It is making me say, “Hmm!”

    Roy X

  2. KELI says:

    After reading your bio, I realize we have much in common! I own a video production company, One Smart Cookie Productions. We created educational DVDs for kids. I started the company as a way to interact with my son while I was having flare-ups. Kindred spirits . . .

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