Medical Marijuana Moments

Today I went to Greenleaf Compassion and learned the logistics of buying , accessorizing and using medical marijuana. The red tape is over and now I  get to  figure out the best intake method, dosing and how to work it casually into my day without my house smelling like a Grateful Dead concert.

After many months of Dr.appointments, internet research any gathering insights a from peeps who have experience with it- I’m starting this adventure well armed, less overwhelmed and a lot hopeful. 🙂  I’ve had such incredible support on m GoFundMe campain – it has not only freed me from the paralyzingly stress of “how will I pay for this”, but has provided me with a cheering squad of encouragement from people that I love and care about – who clearly care about me! Yay! That is an amazing feeling- if only I could  put that in my pipe and smoke it!

So back to the pot process….

I had a great meeting with the “bud-tenders” and feel really confident about moving ahead.

The dispensary staff was knowledgeable and super friendly. The environment was comfortable and inviting- (unexpected considering the black painted windows) and contrary to many of the not-so-great reviews on the google and yelp.

The strains I’m starting with are Blueberry Kush and Snowdawg. Seriously? Hard to think of this as medicinal with those names. Although they roll off the tongue more easily than Propranolol or Fluoxtine!

Apparently this dispensary only provides the buds- so any other delivery format would have to come from a place that is much further away. To the tune of 40-60 miles away. I’ve decided to start with a dry weed vape as opposed to smoking joints or making oils/edibles/lotions or tinctures; Most of which are very complicated, take 2-3 hours to work and could last over six hours. Being that I don’t know what dosage  is right for me or how this strain will affect me- I decided I’d start with inhaling- which takes minutes to hit the system. I don’t want to smoke (because I hate smoking!) so I decided to try vaping.

I ordered the kit in the pic below from Groupon for the very reasonable $27. That’ll take a couple of days to get here – so in the meantime I’ll try the “one hit” pipe. They made it to look like a cigarette which I truly hate (as afore mentioned) so I altered it with a Sharpie and added a little personalization. So tonight I’m not taking an Ambien for the first time in years . Nighttime is really rough- I have intense spasticity and pain- so I’m super psyched to see if it works.

Once I figure out  the strain that works for me- I will explore other dispensaries  that offer up oils and edibles. But this is where I’m starting.

So here I am doing a pre-bed grind and a  inhalation. Keith’s going to help. Not entirely unlike the days when he was helping me with my injections.

Wish me luck!
P.S. if you’ve had experiences -please share in comments.