Can Amy Come Out to Play?

MS~LOL: Multiple Sclerosis a Life Of Learning

hmmm… not so much

It’s so odd when the earth offers so little stability. Gravity is something that most people appreciate but take for granted. Unless you are watching Chris Hadfield performing Space Oddity on the International Space Station (not watching it on the space station, watching it on YouTube ). But for some of us standing on the ground and does not feel grounded; for some of us, the gravitational pull is enemy # 1 and for us, just leaving the house can be really frightening. If you’ve never dealt with standing as an extreme-sport you can’t begin to imagine how scary it is. Some people living with MS know what I’m talking about. -And just like so many realities of life with Multiple Sclerosis, there’s no way to get it, unless you get it. And I’ve got(ten) it for 26+ years to date. But my hate-full relationship with gravity didn’t start until a few years ago.

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