MS SoftServe-Gosh I wish I had extra cash to donate…

If you would like to make a $25 contribution to MS SoftServe, but just don’t have the extra cash, you are in luck.  The Find a Cure Panel will do just that. FACP is a place for people who are living with MS and other diseases as well as those who care for them a chance to express their opinions and needs.

So, if you’re living with it or a caretaker of someone who is, check out this link for the Find a Cure Panel’s site to learn more. After you are assured about the anonymity and the value in providing your voice to this effort, go the extra 2 minutes to fill out the brief survey and help to make MS SoftServe available to all of us who need it!  $25 doesn’t make a little difference.. it makes a HUGE difference. So vote early and often! 😉

Oh, don’t forget to select your non-profit of preference (MS SoftServe) … you’ll have to scroll all the way down (MS SoftServe) the alphabetical chain (MS SoftServe) to Multiple Sclerosis and click on (MS SoftServe) that little circle next to your choice (MS SoftServe).

It’s that easy! 🙂

Thank you!

~Amy G.