About MS~LOL

This is how I cope. With 20+ years of Multiple Sclerosis under my belt, I have discovered many ways to emotionally process this always unique, constantly changing, incurable disease. One of those can be seen in the development of MS SoftServe– a  site that once developed will provide an individualized learning tool  for every unique person who is living in the reality that is MS. Recognizing that the 2.5 million of us deserve to have a way to learn that meets our unique needs.

Working to help others (and myself) is very rewarding in my coping, but it is secondary. The most powerful mechanism is what I’ve learned right here at my keyboard. It’s a rhythm laced together with emotional processing.

Feel, Process, Write, Process, Edit, Process, Read, Process, Read, Read, Read, Process, Publish, Process, Post, Process and when all of that is complete,  the responses solidify what has become ingrained.

And so, I cope. Hoping my words will also inspire others.

Thanks for reading.

Amy G.

3 thoughts on “About MS~LOL

  1. Laura Torchio says:

    Well, I knew when you sent me the link to your site that LOL didn’t mean laughing out loud. However, that is something I know you to do – often. I know you to be joyful, spirited and quick to see humor in most situations. Thank you for creating such a welcoming and informative website covering what oftentimes is a mysterious and scary disease. You are taking tremendous steps to make MS approachable. Keep up the great work. And keep LOL!

    your friend,

  2. rickhasms says:

    Thanks for this info
    It’s always good to hear from someone who has been here.


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