Stress Begets Stress Begets Stress when living with MS

Isn’t it annoying that stress has a negative impact on our health? I mean if we’re already dealing with emotional and mental strain, we clearly need endorphins not ulcers! Why isn’t there an immuno-modifier that can address this issue? And since we’re talking about lacking immune systems, let’s talk about stress and MS, because that combination is truly unjust. When you have stress and MS, it begets more stress and more MS, leading to even more stress and more MS! I pause to throw a dirty look at who or what ever is behind that serious misjudgment in human design…

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SSDI- From DISability to THISability

Please join us tonight for MSLOL Radio’s 11th show From DISability to THISability.
Tonight just happens to be Sept. 7th 2011 at 8pm EST

While coping with MS, we try to focus on what our abilities ARE, not what they aren’t. So leaving a career to be officially labeled Dis-anything by the government of these United States, often compromises the emotional foundation we’ve worked so hard to maintain. When you add the application logistical nightmare to the mix, it’s a wonder that any of us make it through the process.

Tune in tonight and you’ll hear from people who have made it through that process and found new meaningful ways to spend their time, often empowering them to make a difference not only in their lives, but in the lives of many.

We will hear from Kristina Erickson, the health insurance specialist from the National MS Society, who will help us demystify the process and provide some tips and tricks in getting through it. And a number of very compelling people who have been there and done that!
It’s a call in and listen show, so all you need is a telephone and the ability to dial the toll free # (877) 552-4068. Or if you prefer to listen via that link to the world at large that you call your computer… you can do that too! Go to this link and turn up the volume!

While you are waiting patiently for the show to start… enjoy the music stylings of MSbians- Katie’s Blues (Find a Cure for MS!) It’s our new show theme! Thanks Dean Kramer!

Oh, I almost forgot. If you are busy tonight… worry not! The podcast will be available after the show for listening on your schedule. Life is sweet, isn’t it?!