MS SoftServe Update!

There is intrigue… there are photos and their are metaphors! Check out the latest update on the MS SoftServe blog. And while you are there… subscribe subscribe subscribe! You’ll be the first on your forum to know the inside line! And isn’t being in-the-know a pretty cool thing?  😉


2 thoughts on “MS SoftServe Update!

  1. Mark S. King says:

    What a pleasure to meet you at the e-patient event in Philly, Amy. We share a sense of humor, which gets me through the worst of times. Keep blogging; we need your voice!

    Mark S. King

    • aglol says:

      The pleasure is mutual! 😉 Yes, humor is my favorite coping mechanism… I’m looking forward to adding your blog as a trusted amusement resource! ~Amy

      and p.s. : if you like this blog, you’ll love Primo~ (

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