Stress Begets Stress Begets Stress when living with MS

Isn’t it annoying that stress has a negative impact on our health? I mean if we’re already dealing with emotional and mental strain, we clearly need endorphins not ulcers! Why isn’t there an immuno-modifier that can address this issue? And since we’re talking about lacking immune systems, let’s talk about stress and MS, because that combination is truly unjust. When you have stress and MS, it begets more stress and more MS, leading to even more stress and more MS! I pause to throw a dirty look at who or what ever is behind that serious misjudgment in human design…

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3 thoughts on “Stress Begets Stress Begets Stress when living with MS

  1. Phil Appel says:

    I’m glad I clicked to get your latest–stress is when you’re under attack and can’t run away. So you laugh and kick ___! Happiest New Year to you and family.

    Watchung Phil and Harriet

    • aglol says:

      Thanks for clicking and reading, Phil. With Fall here, I’m looking for fun and feeling groovy- ish. Hope you are too! 😉
      L’shana Tova to your and your peeps!

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