The MSLOL-Radio — the lost recordings!

It’s finally here! The recordings of the first three shows in one convenient place! 😉

In keeping with the Variation on a Theme series, in the first three shows you will meet four different individuals living with MS.

In the first show we met Kim Gledhill – a painter, graphic designer, writer, spiritualist, mediator, mom and a premonition-ist.

Our second show highlighted Vicki Bridges, a writer, a mother and an MS advocate.  She was diagnosed with progressive MS in the late 80s but, like so many, was experiencing symptoms long before that time.

And most recently, we met Larissa Nusser-Meany and Michael Weiss. They are motivational speakers who bring their message of healing yoga and empowerment to the MS community across the nation.  Both living an inspired life with MS. And check this out: I am so inspired that I’m doing yoga daily! (for 2 days and counting!)

The next show is on December 27th with guest Marni Blake Rothman and Rick Steinhaus Sommers. Tune in at 7pm (EST) at 714-510-3712 to learn their variations and inspirational approach to what they are living with.

Looking forward to hearing you there!

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