MSLOL Radio: Part Deux!

Please join me on Monday, October 25th at 7pm for the next episode of MSLOL-Radio!* This blogradio show is a companion to this blog. We are so excited about a brand new series that will start with this show. (Hey, It’s the second episode – gotta keep things fresh!) 😉 It’s called VOAT: “Special Guest”.  Being that each of us has our own unique version of MS we are all a Variation On A Theme. And while we have some common ground, many of us never experience what others do.

This ongoing series will highlight one unique thread that is part of the MS tapestry.  I’m hoping that in getting to know each other, we can expand our understanding of this disease. We will hear about our guest’s version of MS, her (his) day-to-day experience and those tried and true coping mechanisms.** I have little doubt that no matter what version of MS you are living with, there will be some part of these stories that you will relate to.

In this episode we will speak to Vicki Bridges. You may know Vicki, a writer  at Health Central’s MS site. She is also a mother and an MS advocate. (to name just a few)  She was diagnosed with Progressive MS in the late 80s, though she was experiencing symptoms long before then. She will tell us about her challenges, triumphs and where she finds the strength to endure. Hearing Vicki’s story will add yet another piece to the  puzzle that is the MS Community. She’s a very interesting woman, and I know you will enjoy meeting her.

This riveting interview will take place after my introduction, a “food for thought” moment and a progress report of MS SoftServe: The first website that will be customized for our unique needs. (And that’s not all! For just $19.99 you will also get…) We will then “Speak to the Peeps!” So call in and share your thoughts; “represent” your version of this insidious disease!

I look forward to “seeing” you there.

* MSLOL= Multiple Sclerosis- A Life of Learning~

**If you are newly diagnosed or just working to avoid overwhelming information that may having nothing to do with your course, I get that. I will preface of what is to be discussed before each segment starts. That way you can opt out at any point.

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