Stuff You Should DEFINITELY Know!

If you don’t already listen to the smart, entertaining, informative blogcast on the How Stuff Works website  (that being, “Stuff You Should Know“) you are seriously missing out. Josh and Chuck are so many things. They’re smart, funny, self-deprecating, did I say funny? conversationalists that make all the most amusing references, ones that speak to me on a generational level. (Though I think I’m a touch older- we clearly have similar reference points!)

I listen to their podcasts quite regularly; it makes for excellent distraction while riding the bike. (Though I recommend stationary here… the laughing will be dangerous when balance is required!) The topics they speak to are everything from “How McDonalds Work” to “How Fascism Works” to “How Scooby-Doo Works” to  “Is Buthan on to Something with Their Gross National Happiness?” They run the gamut… and keep you coming back for more. Even the titles that don’t immediately appeal like: How Terror Management Works or How Agritourism Works are made fascinating by these guys. And I should mention Jeri here.. she produces the show and we know that Josh and Chuck wouldn’t sound so smooth without her! So kudos to her too. (Too patronizing? 😉 )

So here is the money moment. I wrote them a letter a few months ago about MS SoftServe and they read it on the show “How Military Snipers Work”- it couldn’t have been the one on tickling or clouds.  So, follow these links and add them to your to do list. Assuming you are able to commit facts to your long-term memory- you will be impressive at parties and on facebook status updates. Or, you’ll just be entertained for the length of the show and forget it. It’s all good!

So, listen to the listener’s mail segment that I’ve edited out of How Military Snipers Work. It’s only a minute, though be warned! Their affable personae may lure you in for good.

MS SoftServe on SYSKl!

Happy Happy Joy Joy~

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