MS SoftServe Update

This week I began the first fundraising outreach for SoftServe Matters, Inc. (SSM) Its mission is to provide meaning for learning about chronic illness on the Internet. If you are reading this without knowledge of MS SoftServe, or SoftServe Matters this video should fill in the blanks. And you can read the work-in-progress entries in the category column on the right- MS SoftServe, etc.

So after setting up the accounts for the nonprofit, and and and my Web-Master-Bonita made the appropriate adjustments to the site in progress- We are now an active fundraising non-profit.   Lots of hard work went in to making that happen… but a tiny portion of what lies ahead.  Right now, in fact, I should be writing the “business strategy” and budget, so I can start applying for grants. If anyone out there has any suggestions, or fundraising ideas- speak! 🙂

I’ll report back soon!

Thanks for reading.

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