for linda p.

Back in college we got rings
at the mountain we were branded with patterns
linked across state borders and through time
a friendship that has always endured

With a bump in our cosmic road
a matching hope stone
smooth and gray, a perfect fit in our palm
transferring heat and energy

First we are the source,
it now belongs to the stone
and is offered back
as we feel it and turn it in our hands,
the hope emanates and surrounds us
it pulls us through this time of challenge

and I’m with you,
through every pace,
at every moment

Though at times our feet might drag-
(mine more than yours)
we will ultimately skip
and be stronger because of it

There is so much strength,
so much power in you
its this energy that sustains
those you love and who love you
like the heat of that stone

I will never stop holding it, restoring heat
knowing that you are receiving energy
empowered by our friendship
that defies time and space

We will move through this
and skip for years to come

you have all my love,

amy g.

7 thoughts on “for linda p.

  1. Nadja Tizer says:

    This is a beautiful poem. Lucky Linda to have you.

  2. Harris says:

    I also though this was a beautiful poem. (And that is coming from someone who does not always understand poetry) I hope Linda is doing well.

  3. Margaret says:

    What a beautiful poem! All of us who know Linda are sending her our strongest get well wishes…so you guys can look back at this years later and just remember it as a rather big bump in the road, but one that’s firmly in the rearview mirror.

  4. Merely Me says:

    wow…I am blown away…I didn’t know you wrote poetry…this is really wonderful stuff. I hope your friend gets to read this.

  5. Norm says:

    “First we are the source,
    it now belongs to the stone
    and is offered back”

    There are many beautiful lines in this — and even more beautiful thoughts that surely come from the heart, I don’t know much about poetry ~smile~ …but I think this is GOOD!!
    (maybe you could post it on some poetry website I know about so others could read it and comment LOL) —


  6. Sonya says:

    Oh Amy, this is beautiful.

  7. Linda P says:

    I am so honored to the recipient of this heartfelt poem. The friendship and love in every line does not escape me but allows me to linger on all that we have shared. Thank you Amy. “Reverie” comes to mind (hee hee)

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