Thinking, Processing, Posting

I find myself repeatedly surprised when I examine the process that brings me to any realization. I know hindsight is 20/20, but somehow when I’m going through the backtracking of how I came to the point of success, it includes a period of self-flagellation, though maybe that’s just a required part of that process.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to write regularly. When first learning about blogs and struggling with the idea of how I might create one, Keith impressed upon me that I should write regularly, daily if possible. It is a must if you hope to keep a readership tantalized, interested enough to keep coming back, he explained. If you don’t, then they will ultimately stop checking. So I took it to heart. It became my inner proctor, slapping the ruler for every day that went by without an entry.

I’ve written here about my struggle, finding my blog voice, my rhythm over the year + since I began posting. I know that I want to write well-thought-out meaningful interpretations instead of immediate emotional responses (not that there is anything wrong with those…☺). For me the more prolonged processing during the construct stage of writing- ie. considering for days, sometimes weeks- is more satisfying in the end. It’s more therapeutic, during the writing, the editing and ultimately the reflection in the months that follow. It’s something meatier to chew on, says the vegetarian! ☺  But in spite of this understanding of my style, and the fact, the irregular posting continues to serve as an example of what I’ve failed to accomplish on my Things To Do list.

… more to come

One thought on “Thinking, Processing, Posting

  1. Chickidoodle says:

    look not at “what I’ve failed to accomplish” but at “What remains for me to accomplish”. If you read through all the entries you’ve made in this grand blog,
    you’ll see Keith was right on the one hand, but that as you have persisted, your power to post proudly and powerfully has grown…

    And damn the foot drop! Were it possible to mechanize the lower extremity just by positive thinking!
    Love, you,

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