Perspective in Retrospect

On the start of this new year the word perspective floats in my mind, bumping like a pinball off the multiple scars and resonating on memories nestled in my neurological archives. We are programmed to consider what was and what will be at this time of the year.  So I question; Am I a different person leaving 2008 than I was when I got here? Fundamentally no.

I’ve always been surprised at the ongoing realization that I am intrinsically the same person that I was on the first day of Kindergarten. Although my inputs have changed, I continue to process the information using the same hardware… perhaps with a few upgrades to my operating system and increased memory. I reflect, consider and over-evaluate just as I did when I left home for Mrs. Hamilton’s morning class at Washington Elementary School.  And while MS has kept me from reasonable upgrades in RAM, I work with what I have and reinvent the how-to of life in creative ways.  It is this process helps me to avoid the lethargy of my overextended hard drive.

And so, here I sit with that perspective.

The place that it takes me is one of reflection- that of New Year’s Eves past that mark the decades. Moving from the 80s and 90s into the four-digit years with more than the Y2K fears that most were preoccupied with. What was monumental at that time is silly in retrospect. The more dramatic events of those two decades in my individual experience I’ve shelved as something that shaped my character and helped me to evolve in ways that I wouldn’t have otherwise known.  Traversing these decades with a remarkable speed disguised by an uncertain step.

Its funny how perspective prior to writing this entry had me up at 3:30am wondering how we will afford the life we lead and how will I achieve the goals I’ve set before me.

I enter 2009 looking for an external hard drive, an arm to hang on. One that will not only help me to operate with confidence, but will also stabilize my emotional fortitude to live through the challenges that lay ahead with a tech savvy that I can be proud of. Maybe a little Tetris will distract from the “bugs” waking me in the middle of the 364 nights to come .

Lets see what happens, shall we?

amy g.

6 thoughts on “Perspective in Retrospect

  1. nadjatizer says:

    I too was just writing about perspective. It is easy to lose sight of and a little reminder of certain things now and again certainly doesn’t hurt.

  2. Meander says:

    Happy New Year Amy!

  3. Lisa Emrich says:

    I’ve saved this post to read when I have enough mental attention to give it my reflection (which is true for everything you write, each being a gem).

    The question of “am I the same person as….” is one which I ask myself at times. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no. I may be the same, but perhaps my view has changed based upon experiences.

    That’s the wonderful part of growing, the ability to see things differently upon exposure to new information and reflection of the new relationships formed by the introduction of new information.

    Perception is always changing if we allow it to grow. What’s inside though, at the deepest core of ourselves, never truly changes. In that way, “I” am the same person as I was one year ago or twenty years ago.

    Wonderful post. Thank you.

    BTW, did you contact the NYT regarding the “voices” piece?

  4. sonya says:

    Hi Amy,

    What a wonderful post! I think most people change, grow and revolve each day as he/she lives. Looking forward to the new year and days ahead of us. I am confident that you will have a great year.


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