and more thinking, processing, posting…

After days of a Woody Allen style self-deprecating inner dialogue I’ve found this:

Ideas have been flying through my head like papers in the wind.  They surface in the delirious sleep laden moments punctuated by the announcements leading up to my stop. Glen Ridge… we are now arriving at Glen Ridge (foot-drop, boots with deeper tread.. walking stick stabilizing- if my foot drops) Bay Street, next stop Bay Street  ( unexpected and consistent, foot-drop – this is why some of us can’t walk at all, will it be my ambulatory demise?, NO… stop thinking that!) Walnut Street, we are now arriving at Walnut street...( foot-drop with my stick, walking stick perception, can you see my empowered state? stick: reunion.)  Watchung Avenue (wake up,next stop, 20 year update, stick: weak, pathetic) We are now arriving…  ( I’m not there yet!)

2 thoughts on “and more thinking, processing, posting…

  1. Nadja Tizer says:

    I’m sorry you are going through a hard time. I find I fight a daily battle with my own mind too. I find that some days are better than others. May the good days come your way again soon.

  2. Lisa Emrich says:

    Amy, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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