MS SoftServe- and so on, and so on.

When I started reporting on the status of MS SoftServe I think I had imagined something that would be more…. consistent. I don’t know… progression seemed like a reasonable expectation. Then reality happened and I’m reminded that with increasingly limited funds, a full time job, and a family its not surprising that this is moving slower than the polar ice caps are melting. (a sad metaphor, I know) Bonita, my web master, also has a fulltime job and while she has more free time, she longs to work on this fulltime. She lamented to me today that she pines for a time when she can labor over when something isn’t working for 24 instead of 16 hours. In the meantime I’m busy pushing 501c3 paperwork along so I can start researching grant applications, and I’m creating surveys, and writing proposals and sometime its hard to see the incremental movements. But they are happening. We are about to post the video that describes the need for MS SoftServe and the functioning aspects of the staging ground. On the home page of and youtube.

On a more exciting note, I met with Alex Lindsay, the chief architect of PixelCorps (The Pixel Corps is a guild for the next generation of craftsmen… digital craftsmen.) today. What an inspiring person. When I first met him in 2005/06 he was the spark that got me to “think big”. So that is what I did and thus I’m now connecting with him about how PixelCorps can develop elements of MS SoftServe. It’s all very exciting. The craftspeople at pixelcorp require production opportunities so that they can learn skills and experience the client feedback and interaction. There one requirement is that they don’t get paid. An ideal alliance if you ask me. Bring it on…

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