MS SoftServe Timeline 2

Bonita is finishing up the talking head film of me describing the need for MSSS and what the staging ground is all about. She’s tested and tweaked it in all the browsers and it should be up and running within a week. (she types with optimism)

I’m starting to work on the content information to provide to Pixel Corps so that they can start working on the flash animations for the different areas of the site. They will additionally work on some 3D graphics to spruce up the word heavy areas and tweak the films so they aren’t so choppy. Maybe we can do something like the story of stuff. Anyway… thanks to the brilliant guild style organization of PixelCorps- its a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

One thought on “MS SoftServe Timeline 2

  1. Kelly G says:

    Just wanted to pop in quick and let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

    I have MS and was diagnosed March of 2006. It has been a journey. But websites like yours are few and far between. You are inspirational and thought provoking.

    Thanks for keeping my journey full of learning with a little humor thrown in for good measure

    Bless you


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