MSLOL Blog Radio- MS Activated!

It’s tomorrow!

Now consistently the first Monday of every month- “Tune” in MSLOL Radio!
Show 5: MS Activated!
Join us on Monday, February 7th at our new time (8pm EST) when you will meet two amazing women who took their diagnoses, put them on placards and marched until their voices were heard. Rachel Dykoski and Fiona Hoey have worked tirelessly to do right by the MS community. Find out just how they represent and how their efforts impact each and every one of us from the “living with it” delegation.

And call in! We love to hear from the MS community at large. Make your voice heard!

CALL IN LIVE (714) 510-3712 & PRESS 1 TO TALK!! or

Listen to internet radio with RaeFlectionsMe Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Here is the blog talk radio site. If you “follow” you’ll never miss a beat!

And here is the blogspot for yet more info.

One thought on “MSLOL Blog Radio- MS Activated!

  1. Laina Turner says:

    Hi! My name is Laina Turner-Molaski and I am an advocate for raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. My mother suffered for the disease and I am committed to raising awareness so we can work toward finding more ways to fight this disease.

    I have an initiative called The MS Project. It’s a book, website, and iPhone app. The official launch is March 14th, 2011 to coincide with National MS week but I am working on building up the website now. I would love to have you do a guest post or spotlight you and your blog on The MS Project site.

    You can check out the site at and if interested please email me at


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