In the last month or so a number of people have suggested that I write a book that ties together my inspirational essays from the blog. I’ve thought about how bringing in a narrative detailing my life of learning with a few educational thoughts thrown in that would provide a “stage”. But  I hadn’t really started seriously considering it until my husband pushed this article across our virtual table. (We are reading the Times electronically these days-an irony that doesn’t escape me! )  

So now I’ve added “write book” to my to-do list. And in addition to writing subconscious blog-entries, I find myself using a bolder type- and thinking about cover art. But first I will comb through this archive and select the more inspired entries.  As I’ve accumulated over 80 I realize the  magnitude of the task ahead of me.  And so, I look to my readers for feedback on which entries they find most meaningful. Let me know your selections and how to refer to you in my acknowledgements!

4 thoughts on “Hardbound

  1. Chris says:

    This isn’t as wild an idea as it may seem. Riverbend, who wrote the blog Baghdad Burning until relocating to Syria in October 2007. Although she hasn’t posted since, her blog posts are now collected in two books that weren’t self-published, and theoretically earning her royalties….

  2. Jan says:

    Here we have another commonality…what, are we twins separated at birth? ..lol.. I started my blog to flesh out what people kept telling me ought to be a book. I also hoped that reader feedback would expedite the process and provide great learning opportunities at the same time. Turns out the friendship opportunity is the best result of all!

    I’ll give you feedback if you’ll give me yours!


    • aglol says:

      Yes I believe we are Jan! I felt funny about asking for this type of feedback and judging from the minimal response I just assumed it was misguided. But now it seems like it has served to expand our ever increasing common ground! We should send our favorite essays to each other- and give each other a week to review! How does that work for your schedule? 🙂

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