A rut.

This week I’m finding myself in a writing rut. I have so much I would like to capture in words, yet nothing I’m experiencing can be tamed. I’ve written pages of text with some wise observations, however they are stuck between excessive conjunctions, misplaced modifiers, and my overused ellipses…

The dizziness that was once extreme, then moderate and ultimately not too bad– is now present again. I’m not sure which word describes its current state… its somewhere in between modertate and extreme.

When I climb out I will post again. Until then I be swimming with the phrases…

4 thoughts on “A rut.

  1. I get this. I’m really dizzy at times too these days. What do you do? Do you take anything? I just posted about this. If you feel up to it will you drop by my site and comment please or send me an email.

  2. Daniela says:

    Amy – I only got into reading your entries recently and I’ve learnt already so much. I wish I had the same insight when we were next door neighbors, but everything else seemed to be so much more distracting and attention consuming back then. you are not just giving a detailed description, easy to comprehend for outsiders, about the daily life with MS, but you are also doing it in such a beautiful way that makes people want to read more and more, just because the writing is so amazing. I loved “Silent Clamor”. Ever thought about becoming a professional writer? 🙂 I hope your Sunday’s dizziness is better. All the best ~Dani

  3. incmplete says:

    Driving through rain-soaked mud-pudding roads (not too distant past) taught me something about finding usefulness in those inevitable ruts: were it not for them, passage might be impossible. They led the way out, forward, toward solid(er) ground, and a sense of “Wow! I did it that time. Makes me believe I can do it again, no matter how much of a pain in the butt the recurrence may be.” Damn.

    I can hear my father’s voice from long ago while teaching me about driving: “Stick with the ruts. You’ll make it for sure!”

  4. Merely Me says:

    Oh I am so sorry this is happening again. I hate that feeling. It makes doing anything impossible. I hope it is passing by now. Hang in there friend!

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