The MS Tapestry

I recently read a beautiful piece written by an MS blogging friend about her diagnosis. She drew a masterful allegory comparing her diagnosis to her son’s coming of age Tai Kwan Do blackbelt test.

It got me thinking.

Not only about my own diagnosis, but also about the richness of everyone’s unique story.  What a fabric we weave in sharing these stories. I feel like I would like to make this a visual statement. Not unlike the AIDS quilt. Is there a unique way to take these MS stories and weave them together visually, without losing their individual value? Allowing for each story to maintain its integrity yet build something larger.

There has to be a way to do this. I’m going to be thinking about that for a while. And while I’m on the search I’ll think about my diagnosis… and how that works in to this fabric.

Thanks for checking in…

2 thoughts on “The MS Tapestry

  1. Fascinating. I hear art project. I am going to give this some thought too. Oh wait, what about a quilted handbag. It could be sold to raise money for MS research. All the text would be in different hands and fonts and there could even be tiny clip art from artists with MS. I think I have a plan.

  2. Meander says:

    oooh hello there. yes everyone’s story is part of the tapestry. sorry for not coming around for awhile. been so crazy lately. and thank you for the kind words.

    oh…i am not going to blog at my wordpress blog anymore. i will be at my other blog which is…

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