the in-between

Sometimes I have so much to write about, that I can’t get any one thing to the top of my priority list and I shut down. I studied this when I learned the backstory on how we learn. In scientific terms it is referred to as cognitive load. It is the rate at which you are able to take-in and process information- its your measured cognitive load. So, with that in mind, (so to say) I have cognitive overload! A a time when it would be in my best interest to function at the highest level- the opposite occurs. My hard drive crashes and all systems falter.

So where do i come up after I’ve hit CMND-CNTRL-ESC on my mac. Is there something I can do to keep my mind on task, without going in to the same overload? (This is that opening for Tetris and Word Challenge.)

If only I would allow myself the one paragraph entries. This way my thoughts won’t get deserted in the drafts file, even if they are abbreviated. So what if it isn’t a complete essay or an epic entry that all comments illustrate as my “best ever”. Even the in-between will have significance worthy of a read.

3 thoughts on “the in-between

  1. Lisa Emrich says:

    It is the in-between which allows for greatness to develop. Without silence, we cannot appreciate glorious sound. Personally, I relate to the little things.

    So continue mastering the Word Challenge and the words will flow. Just my opinion. BTW, working on the carnival which should be ready tomorrow (unless I get terribly side-tracked with reading all my favorite blogs). ;- )

  2. Nadja Tizer says:

    I can relate to the overload. Sometimes when I have a million things to do I can’t even start. Lately I have been doing an open-eyed relaxation with breath on the way to work so I can settle down. I also like to sing to connect with the positive feelings inside of me.

    I do fear that my blog is becoming mundane but it does seem my flow of thoughts has slowed a bit so maybe I am relaxing.

  3. Norm Pollack says:

    Well, you know what Norm does in such moments — I write poetry — I’ve never had writer’s block >>> never intend to hav writer’s block. I know this isn’t much of a help here, but at least you’ve got my opinion (which I am al;ways reluctant to give LOL).


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