Deafening Clamor!

This past Saturday I had an incredible experience at BootCamp. Yes, BootCamp. Craigslist Foundation held a Non-Profit Boot Camp at NYU… and what a learning opportunity it was. I got home and immediately began an entry on my blog. Then on Sunday my daughter Madeline had a party for her upcoming 7th birthday. It was at a local bowling alley. For the first time we are taking the birthday party outside of our back yard and what a relief we expected that to be. It didn’t quite work out that way… but a good time was had by most. Then Monday my bowling professional, wii practiced not quite 7 year old was pulled out of horseback riding camp with a fever of 103.5. Cut to Monday night with no sleep holding compresses to my daughter’s head and other less favorable images and sounds that I won’t go in to here. Then Wednesday happened. I was a presenter at Eisai Pharmaceuticals “Lunch and Learn” who really want to know what it is like to live, learn and cope with MS. I did a presentation there and rushed back home to meet with a woman at the MS Society NYC chapter to consult on the curriculum for their annual learning symposium. Three hours later, I came up for air. My train ride in this morning was with my laptop propped on my knees working that instructional design. I miss the silent clammor!

2 thoughts on “Deafening Clamor!

  1. Wow, sounds like you are crazy busy. I hope things slow down and you get some r &r.

  2. Meander says:

    goodness… are a superwoman! how do you do it all?

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