“A stroke of insight” in my life of learning.

I recently became aware of an amazing presentation given by a brain scientist named Jill Bolte Taylor. Watching it, as I have done a number of times since, really changes my life perspective. It’s a helpful recharge on a number of levels, especially when the temperatures are nearing 100 degrees and my myelin is sorely missed!

I hope it speaks to you as it did me.



2 thoughts on ““A stroke of insight” in my life of learning.

  1. Lisa Emrich says:

    This is powerful presentation.

    Wondering…where’s ‘Brass and Ivory’ and ‘Carnival of MS Bloggers’ on your blogroll? 🙂

  2. aglol says:

    Thanks for pointing out that omission! As I squeeze my blog presence in between all the rest .. I’m figuring this out a minute at a time. I just realized (again) how to post the links. You know how the things you’ve only every done a few times never get “published” in our long term memory. Such is my tech savvy for this blog. But I’m getting better! My latest struggle is figuring how to offer a link for subscription. WordPress does seem to have an easy “button” that blogger does. Maybe I make that my number one priority this week!
    Your blog is a wonderful resource. It also inspires me to do better on mine!
    ~Amy (a far more tech savvy person with MS than it appears!)

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