MS SoftServe Update July 2008

I suppose it is better to date these ‘checkins’… because listing them in numeric order can be hard to keep track of.

As some of you have been following, I’m dedicating every free moment outside of my job, parenting and blogging to the production of MS SoftServe. Incase you aren’t one who is in the know, MS SoftServe is a website dedicated to customizable learning for people with Multiple Sclerosis. A place for the person who has MS to control the information they are getting and how they prefer to learn. This is an empowering method that prevents anxiety as the person determines that what and how of the process. (Check out this video for a more succinct explanation.) So the ongoing question is… What’s going on with the SoftServe thing??

If you’ve been checking back regularly, you have noticed that the development of MS SoftServe has paused. So let me take a moment to tell you that behind the scenes a lot is happening. Although it seems like a fast paced game of hurry up and wait… what it really entails is getting the message to as many people as possible who recognize the need. Although I have assembled a great deal of information to do that virtually, it seems that their is no replacement for the impassioned pitch. And that’s what I have been up to. So, I’m off and running, with one pitch leading to the next. And they told two friends and so on, and so on.

I’ll let you know when I find a break through… or you will when site development pics up again.

Thanks for reading!

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