Patients Like Me- Controlled Learning?

Back at its inception invited me to participate in its innovative startup for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis to compare notes and record their disease course. I registered and planned to get back to detailing my MS timeline when I “had a chance”. It kept getting pushed to the bottom of my priority list until the New York Times ran this article in their magazine section. It’s amazing the power of people sharing information about their disease experience and how that can influence and drive the big pharma. After reading the article I can’t help but to wonder if there is opportunity for collaboration with this group, once MS SoftServe is up and running. I’m gather my list for these outreach letter once the 501c3 is in tact!

I’ve used that opportunity to research (throw in dramatic sound track to illustrate fear) this latest symptom of mine that won’t go away. That being dizziness. (more soundtrack if that suits you) I’m hoping to learn what types of drugs other people are taking and what their experience is. I didn’t learn what I set out to, although I didn’t learn anything that set me back on my emotional path either. I will continue to visit it and see what comes of it.

more later~

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