Not to put too fine a point on it…say I’m the only bee in your bonnet.

Nothing like They Might Be Giants to refer to that which is unclarifiable. This self assessment has been such a struggle for me. I like it to be a bit more concise. A bug bit me. There is the spot. It itches. I’m limping because I have MS and sometimes when I walk too far that happens. I’m dizzy. Can’t tell you exactly when or why or if I’m better. I’m just dizzy. Sometimes more than others. Every morning I seem to be on a reset as I wake up very dizzy. Although at some point today I was able to look up with out feeling like I wanted to topple. So thats an improvement.

I’m currently using my freetime (on the train) to asses the instructional design of the proposed
symposium for the NYC chapter of the MS Society. It’s been an incredible process. Just putting my mind in the instructional designer role is such a creative outlet. While i’m thinking of how to add to this existing project, a million other ideas are coming to me about mssoftserve. The creative engine is tremendous. By merely engaging… it begets more and more. I hope there will come a time that I can dedicate all of my creative energy to these learning sites.

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