It seems like life is moving in slow motion.

Not because the activity has died down. In fact the opposite is true.

Or because I can’t move as quickly as some. There are moments in a given day, during a given commute, when I might even be called rapid.

This motion refers to something else that is happening underneath the activity in a day. In my day.

It’s the timecode. It’s the white noise. It’s the silent optical soundtrack.

It’s all the the things that I wish I could be working on,

the significant, meaningful things – that are cast aside – for the day-to-day diurnal noise.



I feel much better thank you.

One thought on “Sometimes

  1. Leslie says:

    It is hard when our days are driven by activity, rather than inspiration. And sometimes we get so overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done.

    It is crazy, but when I get frustrated by things like that I try to do something small. Make someone laugh. Make myself laugh. Draw a doodle that I think is far superior to the average doodle (that one is great for during long meetings) imagine that attractive stranger who is not looking at you at all is looking at you incredibly appreciatively every moment that you are NOT looking. Try to make a list of every person you have kissed. Try to remember as many names as you can of friends in elementary school.

    i know these are just little distractions, but when I get caught in the gray haze, it helps me focus on something other than the things I have been crazy about and makes me feel better.

    Or – be gray. Have a gray day. But like all the truly decadent things, be sure to take gray days only in moderation.

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