Blog Rhythms

A lot of time has passed since I last wrote. Finding a blog rhythm is a curious process, writing to no one and everyone . Over the course of my teenage years I kept a diary, keeping track of the trials and tribulations of a troubled teen life that I would soon rather forget than have memorialized. Yet when my life became worthy of documentation, after my diagnosis for instance, my emotional turmoil and the energy required to merely exist was too taxing to document. Although my memory for detail is strong, I long for the specifics that only a diurnal record can really capture– to fill in the dates and details that my brain has glossed over as a coping mechanism.

It is a familiar concept… once life gets interesting we are too busy to seriously reflect on it. As with a recent episode, not having previous experience with the sudden onset of compromised sensory symptoms, I was too busy trying to live through it to consider researching it. Not researching has become my knee-jerk reaction to any MS related issue. In fact after almost 20 years with this diagnosis, I find it hard to imagine what it would be like to have a resource that I can trust. One that allows me to set the parameters. If I were to establish MS SoftServe immediately, I wonder how long it would take to me to work it in to my daily rhythm.

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