This I Believe: Telling Madeline

I wrote an essay that deals with talking to my almost 6 year old daughter about Multiple Sclerosis. It is posted on the NPR site “This I Believe“. It is also on its own page in this blog along with an explanation of my experience writing it.

One thought on “This I Believe: Telling Madeline

  1. aglol says:

    Thanks Lydia~
    It’s so good to hear that these posts are being enjoyed. I’ve been using most of my energy on getting the customized learning site funded and motivating the board of directors to stay on target! 😉 Then of course allowing myself to have MS and avoid stress as best as possible. I’m a firm believer in the practice of naps! If you haven’t already seen my companion blog ( or looked at the site (above) please do so. As we move ahead to produce the site we are looking forward to the MS community input! We are working to make a teaching and learning site for everyone living with MS- so the more feedback we get along the way- the more people will benefit!

    Thanks again for taking the time to read! If you subscribe via the link on the left, or “like” mssoftserve on facebook- you will be on the cutting edge!

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