Right (Write) Now!

Do you find that it’s really hard to read an entire essay, post or article online? I think attention deficit is a sign of these digital times- there is just too much distraction.  Information overload on the web leaves many people running and screaming for focus and peace-of-mind. (Can you say Candy Crush?)  And it’s because I too am soaking in this overwhelm, that I find it really hard to write and spread the word about MS SoftServe. I mean, does anyone out there read beyond a headline and the first two paragraphs?  Is everyone like me – a Scanning Queen? (Replete with Abba harmonies). Please prove me paranoid as I push myself away from the wall and on to the dance floor. (and don’t make me do it alone!)

The “Right Now- MSSoftServe Update”
You may know that mssoftserve.org is currently a word-spreading-fundraising site. It’s the site that will raise the money to produce the customizable site that people with MS want and need. (link )  We are using the site to serve as the aforementioned as well as a tool for larger outreach. (ie. fundraising outreach to the foundations and corporations who can get on board and make the site happen).

So what we now need everyone to do now is represent.  We need to send amessage to the granting organizations to tell them that MSSoftServe is necessary to all of us who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis. To tell them that meaningful learning with more control and less anxiety will be a critical part of how we cope with this disease. And that we need to be able to teach everyone around us about our unique version of MS- without the unnecessary info that will only make our loved ones confused and anxious.

How can you do that, you ask? I’ll tell you (with links!)

There are a couple of ways that you can make your opinion known onmssoftserve’s current site. You can submit a testimonial (words and/or video).  And if that doesn’t fit into your schedule, just “sign” your name and we can add you to the “big list” of people who are waiting with baited-breath for this to hit the web. (send it to the contact-us link) If you need an inspiration, please have a look-see at the testimonials of the board of directors. They don’t have to be long, nor aesthetically pleasing. They just have to be you! And while you’re there, browse around And if you want to be a part of MS SoftServe in any way please email me!  (amy@mssoftserve.org) And put something that really sticks out in the subject line so that it doesn’t blend into the rest!

Well…. I’m hoping I haven’t left you lost in word count. In the future I will cut-to the-update-chase in weekly posts.

(C’mon Amy, you can do it! Write now!)


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