Advocate Schmadvocate!

I’ve always said that it is a cruel joke to expect a person living with MS – the chronic incurable disease that changes over years, months, heck – even days – to be his/her own advocate. I mean c’mon! How are we supposed to by-pass the emotions that are in-and-of-themselves paralyzing, to educate ourselves about our version of this disease that is always changing? (Read more and tell me how you balance it! I need all the suggestions I can get.)

Oh, and while I have your attention:

Tell me, do enjoy reading these posts? Do you find my writing witty, engaging, annoying? If the first two adjectives are true, take a moment and subscribe to MSLOL. With this status will get a special email telling you that you are about to miss something; something that might make your day better. And here is the cool part. You probably won’t be receiving a note more than once a month. I’m not one of these every week bloggers… No, I spread myself a bit too thin for that. So if I’m posting, it’s important. (at least from my perspective!) And lucky you. You don’t even have to scroll to the end of that column on the left. The link is just under the little paragraph “about amy.” There, no lower. You see it? It’s under “Get my email” and it says subscribe to MSLOL. I know, that doesn’t make sense… but it will get you where you need to be.

Oh, and if you forgot what you were supposed to be doing… its reading and commenting on this little post on Health Central’s MS site!

Your welcome!


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