If You Can Dream: Learning to Thrive with Multiple Sclerosis

I recently met a documentary filmmaker named Emmett Williams. His friend Thy has been living with MS for two decades. They were having a conversation one day, about how few documentaries provide an in-depth look at what it’s like to live with MS. How can one  truly understand the MS experience with a few brief clips and short interviews. A film needs to show the intimate details of life with MS- from waking up to going to sleep and everything in between.

So, instead of lamenting that these film portraits of MS don’t exist, they are making one! How is that for proactive~

In Emmett’s words:

If You Can Dream: Learning to Thrive with Multiple Sclerosis” will document the lives of  three people with MS — all with different variations, all at different points in their life. We will learn about their daily battles and triumphs, the importance of their support network, and the dreams they have for themselves and others who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.*”

Once made, this film will bring its viewers closer to understanding of what it really means to live with this disease. This deeper look at life with MS, will help people better understand the variable nature of Multiple Sclerosis. Speaking as a person who has been living with it for 23 years- I  love the idea of a larger community who “gets it!”

Check out the website and watch the work in progress. If it is meaningful to you, consider making a donation. No matter the size every little bit gets this film closer to the proverbial can.


*If You Can Dream will donate 25% of everything contributed over $10,000 to MS charities and 50% from any earnings after the film is finished.

6 thoughts on “If You Can Dream: Learning to Thrive with Multiple Sclerosis

  1. Susan Mahoney says:

    Your blog is wonderful, it touches on ideas that other are afraid to explore regarding a weakness in humanity; like autoimmune diseases; any movie or data thaht can inform the public of how diffiuclty it is to have a smile on your face everyday but struggled through private demons, of symptoms. Today for example my teen asked why can’t I walk the mile to the store and get something, He replied you are always sending me or my siblings.Car in shop, I burst out in tears, had to walk out of the room. Do I forced myself with pride to do it myself or do I waste my breath explaining how my legs feel like lead weight, walking through heavy sand, snow storm or drowning in water. Wish that I could take his legs and run, go wild like a little girl. Spinning in the wind. I decided to walk away and wait for another day when the car is fixed again, soon I hope, my only independence for movement.. Meanwhile take my tears and look for something positive to do on the internet and pay forward. In a better frame I will talk to my teen, but not today…. I pray that this or any autoimmune is not experienced by another. Let’s find a cure.

  2. Susan Mahoney says:

    http://lifesachangingorg.blogspot.com/ I am dealing with this too everyday. I read your blog, it is very powerful. I wrote a comment here about asking someone to do a chore for you, because you have a smile on your face, yet your body is weak and your legs feel like they are struck in heavy sand or you are drowning and no one is there to throw you a lifeline. In pride do we do it ourselves and become exhausted and suspectible to lower immune or even a relapse from over doing it. Wait for another day when the car is out of the shop, only means of independence and wait. I tried to explain but it is like talking to a wall, sometimes. So, today I live for the moment, be happy, wipe the tears and go on the internet, do something positive and pay forward. Please follow the movie project and donate if you could. We need all avenues to get the message out there; to find a cure yesterday and give us back our former lives. Peace.

    • aglol says:

      Hi Susan, I feel your pain. It is so hard, especially in the summer. I try to help my daughter understand what I’m coping with… it makes her a more sensitive understanding person when it comes to recognizing all people’s limitations. Of course there are moments that do hurt… and I feel frustrated by all I can’t do. Some days writing on the blog… and interacting on the Internet isn’t enough to boost my mood… I try to honor that I have good reason t be sad and if I can I find a way to move past it. I’m glad that I’m not dizzy when I’m sitting on the computer. And that I don’t have problems seeing. It’s not always a comfort.. but it can be at times.

      Strength to you as you cope!
      And thanks for reading, and commenting..

  3. nicole says:

    Thats awesome! In fact I just went to a book signing the other day with Spike Lee! I wanted to scream that very same idea! But I chickened out. Plus he was there promoting HIS DVD. P.S. I spoke with you on the conference call the other day.

    • aglol says:

      Hi Nicole, For some reason, I just found your comment! Sorry for the delayed response. I used to work at NYU Film School where Spike teaches. He’s a very nice guy… he knew I have MS… maybe you should have yelled it! 😉 If you are on Facebook find me and we can chat about our versions… Thanks for responding..

  4. msathlete says:

    Wow! this sounds like a fantastic project. Thank you for sharing.

    I have been living with MS for over 15 years. I have met a number of others who also have the disease and have found each one of us has a neat tip or trick for coping. The sharing of our stories is part of how we will survive some of the of the tough stuff.


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