4 thoughts on “LISTEN HERE: MSLOL-Radio CCSVI: Been There, Done That

  1. mtmc2 says:

    I is difficult to accept when a person hears the diagosis of MS. It is a scary roller coaster ride, good and bad days. So many symptoms plague us and if we caught a cold or virus then we have a chance of a relapse. back in the hospital, hook up on steriods to stop the progression of the scars eating away into our brain network. Everytime a wire is shorten, we live in fear, will I be blind, can’t walk, talk or think correctly. Will the relapse be temporary or permanant. Will family and loved ones stay or abandoned us. Our minds and bodies betray us, but our spirit is strong. Please help us find a cure, make a contribution today to a National MS Society or a local chapter. I have been a receipant of the Society and they helped make this journey less scary and stop the roller coaster from falling off the track.

    • Amy Gurowitz says:

      I concur! Thanks for your response- You’ve captured what so many of us feel as we move through this scary unpredictable life with MS.

    • I was diagnosed with MS back in 1973 but I had “not time for THAT thing having 3 kids going to school etc.
      Now I am home bound and very soon bed bound. Quite franklying I don’t give two S$$$$$ about possible “cures” at $1500 dlls a shot they are the same old thing, and once they have ther pockets full they place the on us for not really following the “go-and-get” type.
      Is a real circle, not worth talking about.
      Now I have MS VERY PROGRESSIVE type of MS.
      Wishing luck to all,

  2. Ron Warrick says:

    Thanks, Amy. This was a great service to the community. I feel better able to help my wife make a decision on CCSVI.

    I think maybe some of the problem with you and the interviewees interrupting each other has to do with time delay in the phone line if someone is using internet phoning. It takes getting used to.

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