MS aParent: Eight and Nine-Tenths Years

Please join me on Health Central’s MS site for another thrilling tale in the series MS aParent.  Thanks and see you next time for more laughter and lament, hope and honesty.. and the total exposure of all emotions, all the time~

oh, and click here!

2 thoughts on “MS aParent: Eight and Nine-Tenths Years

  1. Nancy D says:

    Amy, another great post! Could Madeline be any cuter? No way! My daughter is also the joy of my life (and my son too, of course!) Everyday I am thankful that we went ahead and brought these amazing human beings to life! My daughter is in her first year of residency to be a Family Medicine doctor and my son will soon be the next Steven Spielberg! Life is good!

    Also, thank you for the Rolling Stones memory lane! I never had those “Mother’s little helper’s” but a good glass of wine was helpful at times 😉

    Now I just have to figure out how to keep up with our 3 year old grandson who is spending the night for the first time! YIKES!!!!

    Thanks for a good chuckle to start my day!

    • aglol says:

      Thanks for your reply Nancy… It is always good to have a broad perspective on how MS affects all of our roles. And what fun that we have some common ground with our references! I can appreciate the joys of that decision… we live it daily! Great to hear from you as always.

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