Finding Familiarity in Fatigue

For the past few months I’ve been answering questions on It’s a excellent place to find information and connect to others with MS who have similar concerns. Serving in this capacity has been enlightening, not only in the satisfaction of using my 21 years experience with the disease to answer questions; but also for the learning opportunity it provides. Recently I wrote to someone who is unsure of her diagnosis, but is experiencing fatigue. After addressing her specifics, I linked her to my blog essay on the subject and in doing so took the opportunity to reread it, as well as the comments.

Out of the 100 essays posted on this blog I think that the responses to this one resonate the most. So, I’m taking a moment to invite more of you to read this post, discussing what is perhaps the most challenging MS symptom to live with and explain to others. The comments on this post invigorate me to continue writing in order to explain to all who want to know what living with Multiple Sclerosis is like, as well as for those who already know what it’s like, but just need reaffirmation. ¬†As always- your comments are most valuable to me.

2 thoughts on “Finding Familiarity in Fatigue

  1. Stuart says:

    So much to learn with regards to Multiple Sclerosis and from so many different sources.
    But now you can bookmark just one website and link to all the others.

    MS Views and News (MSV&N) is dedicated to the global collection and distribution of current information concerning Multiple Sclerosis.
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  2. Nadja Tizer says:

    Ahhh fatigue… At least I never have trouble sleeping (like 12 hours) LOL.

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