lasting marks
hidden, though always present
the less prominent, often
reveal unexpectedly

what is, was
my print

marks that prevent
and inspire
a relapsing reminder
of the who
that was, is

finding a self
unmarred, uninterrupted

empowered by
recognizing the w(hole)
marrying what was, is

3 thoughts on “indelible

  1. Julie Margolis says:

    nice amy – poetry is hard – you are good at it x

  2. Connie Nichols says:

    I like it, and am not usually a big fan of poetry. As usual, your superior focus and intellect allow you to shine forth in yet another literary form. You continue to amaze.

    And, I can certainly identify with the poem…….

  3. Ken Frank says:

    What inspiring gifts you possess, Amy. I feel so blessed to have a connection with you… and I feel a very deep love for who you are and a profound gratitude for how well you express yourself and offer it up as a gift to the rest of our world. Much love to you!

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