MyMSMyWay~ Refine and Relaunch

A number of months ago I wrote about (previous post link here) The website that provides valuable information for people with MS who use their computers. (I trust most readers of this blog fall in to that category!) This collaborative of Microsoft, Bayer and the National MS Society sought the counsel of 8 individuals with MS (myself included) from around the country to guide the production of this site. In doing so, they have come up with a site that not only has a wealth of information, but also considers our experience in its design. Their most recent update makes it easy to find information about how you can resolve challenges that people with MS may have working with our computers. The new and improved version provides a more user friendly interface and considers some of the principals of MS SoftServe. (ie. people like to get information indifferent ways-as seen in a listen to feature of the site that will be added soon.)

So take an opportunity to check it out. I’m quite sure that you will not only find helpful information, but also a resource to rely on as your experience with MS and your computer may change over time. To get a complete idea of how your individual needs can be met, start with the snapshot tool. (You can get there by clicking on a picture of me and my daughter.)  If you have any thoughts you would like to share, you can do so on the site in the “About us” section. Or feel free to talk about your experiences and or needs here, I have an inside line. 🙂


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