Sum Sum Summertime

The hot summer months are usually coveted. For most people they offer vacations, trips to the beach, lots of fun in the sun. For many other people the sun is a part time enemy. When you have MS the sun is the source of heat that swells the neurons… making for more challenged message conducting. (ie. exaggerated symptoms and flare ups) But it also is the natural source of Vitamin D, that individuals with MS lack. I’ve learned to enjoy 10 minutes of direct sunshine as a daily dose. After that I usually run for the air conditioning to cool off. It’s no wonder that I’m feeling less than adequate as the summer approaches. Feeling like my ability to play and be a part of things is more compromised… I try to combat that emotion and take it on as a challenge.

I just have to be more creative. There is always a solution that will satisfy my family and the MS in me.

For now, I’m thinking it over as I sit in our backyard watching my daughter play in the pool (the ones that “inflate” as they fill-up with the water).. doing her made up strokes. “Hey mommy, do you want to see the dolphin ?” She proceeds to “dive” in and is on to her next move.

Maybe I don’t need to think so much… maybe it will just happen.

Maybe it is happening.

~more later

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