Vestibular MS- “How are you?”

I haven’t posted the warning to say that “if you aren’t interested in reading about symptoms you may never experience” in some time. So let me do that now. Consider yourself well advised and proceed deliberately if you so desire.

I’m at day 5 of level 7 dizziness.. and I continue to struggle with how to establish my coping mechanism. Something about giving it a numeric value helps a bit. It’s so ethereal and that makes it difficult to convey…assigning numbers helps to ground it all- if you will. Not unlike Hurricanes..those whirling winds that can only be effectively communicated to the massess by their 1-5 categories. Any sense of control will do. I even believe that since I began the process this internal storm has been downgraded to a number 6 down from 7.

This all began back in December last year and after the steroid infusion I was patiently waiting for relief that was slow to come. But it did, sort of. Once this whole dizziness thing began it was hard to determine the progress… or progression. Partly because the experience with it was so variable.

One of the challenges of invisible MS is how to respond to the daily queries of concerned individuals. “How are you.” I”m fine. Really? No, not really… but how I define fine changes on a daily basis. And what is the point of saying “still dizzy” ? What if dizzy is my new norm?

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